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Why has the number of multiple sport athletes declined at the high school level?


There are several factors impacting this phenomenon.  A big part has been the sales job that club programs have given parents; often times, the mantra from these businesses is, “If you specialize and become a member of the club team, we’ll make sure your child gets a college scholarship.”  The reality is these groups can not guarantee that type of thing, nor do the statistics bear out the type of success rates often promoted.  Unfortunately, many parents “drink the Kool-Aid” and buy the sales pitch. 

Statistically, for every athletic scholarship provided, there are 70 academic scholarships awarded.  Only $20 out of every $100 of scholarship monies awarded by colleges and universities is athletic-based.  The odds are that a student has an easier time receiving an academic scholarship than an athletic grant-in-aid.
From an early age, parents are being sold a bill of goods and often lose sight of other very relevant facts.  Go and “Google” the biographies of many of the NFL, MLB or NBA players.  It’s amazing how many major league shortstops were the quarterback on their high school football team, or a point guard in basketball.  There is a reason for that…..they are great athletes who love to compete and win.  Participating in that second or third sport not only makes the student more well-rounded, but also helps in maintaining good attendance and grades.
As Lake teacher-coaches, we certainly don’t want to “burst any bubbles” when it comes to dreaming big!  In fact, we’ve had our share of successful student-athletes who have graduated from Lake High School and gone on to another level of competition beyond high school.  Our coaches will do whatever they can to assist college coaches and parents in providing the best base of personal and physical skills to develop a highly productive young adult.  But, we also want to provide the reality of all situations.

At Lake, our coaches continue to support multi-sport participation and celebrate those who want to stretch their limits in becoming the best they can become.  Our “Tri-Athlete Award” provided in the spring of each year, along with collaboration among our coaches provides an ideal setting for Lake High School students to achieve more today and become high-quality successes tomorrow!


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Bruce Brown
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