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How are Lake athletic teams and athletic programs funded?


By Ohio Revised Code (ORC), public school districts may only allocate up to .5% (1/2 of 1%) of their General Budget for athletics.  That means that any non-transportation or non-stipend athletic expenses have a limit on what school districts can cover cost-wise.  In the case of Lake Local, our Board of Education has expected the athletic department to be 100% self-sufficient with all of these type of expenses.  There are no General Budget monies utilized for Athletic Department operations annually. Therefore, all costs associated with items such as game officials, uniforms, coaching clinics, equipment, tournament fees and event personnel (ticket takers, ticket sellers, police/security, etc.) must be covered by the other revenue sources.
                The Lake athletic department develops an annual budget to cover the costs of operations for athletics through two primary revenue sources:  gate receipts (about 85% of revenue) and Lake Athletic Booster Club donations (about 15% annually).  These are the only sources of financial support for our athletic operations each school year.  We are fortunate in that we have well-attended events and also a Booster Club that develops several successful fund-raising activities each school year to provide this necessary financial support for our students.

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