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Why do we need to complete all of the forms each sport season and every school year?


One of the most important responsibilities each interscholastic coach in the Lake Local system has is oversight of the safety and security of each student-athlete.  To provide our coaches the maximum amount of supportive and current documentation about each student, we need to consistently insure that our data is accurate.  The best way we know of how that information remains accurate is to have students and parents review and provide updated data.
Although there are certainly many areas involving a student’s safety, health and personal data that does remain the same from season-to-season and year-to-year, we never want to assume things are “the same as before”.  Although there is the chance of our being redundant on some of the paperwork requests, we have come to believe that we would rather err on the side of cautiousness than to make an assumption that could impact a child’s health or safety.

Additionally, we are aware that in today’s world, data changes more often than in the past.  In particular, health insurance coverage, health care personnel and specialists and even personal (parent/guardian/student) phone numbers and e-mail addresses change within the school year.  The best way we have found to minimize incorrect data is to have this critical paperwork updated seasonally.

It should be noted that Pre-Participation Exams (or “Physicals”) are good for 12 months from the date of the exam.  For multiple sport athletes, a physical completed in June, July or August will be good for the entire school year (12-month) period.

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