Mission Statement of Lake Choir Program:

The mission of the Lake Local Schools Choir Program is to provide a quality music education to all students enrolled. The goal is to achieve quality by focusing on the individual performer.  Concert Choir, Reflections, Combined 5&6 Grade Musical, High School Musical, small ensembles, and solo experience leads to a well-rounded performer. Performance opportunities, especially those through the Ohio Music Education Association, are encouraged for all.  Additionally, through the choir program, students develop a sense of belonging, team work, time management, dedication, self esteem, leadership, cooperation, and responsibility.

Lake Choir Ensembles:

High School
- Opus One (formerly Concert Choir)
- Voice Blue (formerly Advanced Choir)
- Reflections

Middle School
- 8th Grade Choir
- 7th Grade Choir
- 6th Grade Choir

Elementary School
- 5th Grade Choir