Marketing Education

The Marketing Education program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to be a team player in a marketing department in today’s changing environment—an environment based on data, analysis, and strategic marketing implementation.  This environment is the focus of the Marketing Education program.
In the Marketing Education program, students are required to master challenging coursework in all the marketing functions—financing, distribution and logistics, product/service management, promotion, selling, and marketing-information management.  In addition, students study the foundation areas of economics, communication and interpersonal skills, business administration and management, entrepreneurship and professional development. Students learn demanding academic skills as well.  From probability and statistics in marketing research to critical writing to marketing and general communication skills, students learn demanding academic skills.  Students involved in mastering this coursework find college marketing classes easier and marketing careers easier to establish.  
Marketing Education students also have a unique opportunity to participate in DECA, a marketing student association that gives them leadership and teamwork skills and community service opportunities.  No other student association provides the wide range of competitive events that require students to work closely with marketing professionals, solve marketing problems, and write comprehensive descriptions of their solutions.  For instance, students may develop a promotional or marketing plan that is used by a community business.  This is a very unique opportunity to integrate academic and marketing skills in a real-world situation.
Marketing seniors are also part of a “Co-op” Program.  This “Co-op” Program is offered to both college bound and non-college bound seniors who are interested in a career in business or a marketing related occupation – students who want to gain on-the-job work experience in a business.  Students earn a grade and high school credit for both the classroom and work experience.  Upon completion of the program, students may choose to further their education at the college level or continue working at their training stations (or both!)

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