Lake Local Digital Learning
 Blended Learning.jpgMeeting the needs of all students - including offering flexible scheduling and the opportunity for a combination of online and traditional "brick and mortar" classes, is a priority at Lake In a trend similar to that of the nation,  blended learning and virtual learning continues to flourish at Lake High School. Lake High School utilizes the Florida Virtual & Aventa curriculums along with the  Plato Learning environment to meet individual student needs.  Lake belongs to a consortium with other public school districts in Stark County and through this consortium we have jointly purchased the Florida Virtual and Aventa on-line learning curriculum.

Lake Local continues to see growth in students utilizing the option of a blended school day through the use of the Florida Virtual curriculum. In the ALa Carte Model students choose to take one or more virtual courses to supplement the courses they take in in the traditional brick and mortar setting.  Students at Lake High School may take digital courses in an ala carte fashion allowing students, parents and school counselors to have a significant role in developing the child’s schedule. To see what your student's options may be, please contact the Lake Local Digital Learning Director.

On–line learning
can happen anywhere at any time as long as the internet is available - a great solution for students who need a flexible schedule or would like the opportunity to experience both classroom and digital learning. Because all of our on-line classes are taught by Lake teachers, there is the opportunity for the same collaboration between the parent, student and teacher that takes place in a traditional high school setting. 
Your child's guidance counselor is available to assist in the registering of your child for an on-line course during the scheduling process each spring.
Plato Learning
Plato Learning is primarily used for credit recovery.  Plato is self-paced with the computer as the instructor.  Students have the opportunity to move ahead to the next concept in a course once mastery is demonstrated.  For additional information regarding opportunities for credit recovery through Plato Learning, please contact your child’s guidance counselor.
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