For the 2014-2015 school year, Lake High School will offer the following n-line courses below from either Florida Virtual or Aventa Learning contingent on student enrollment.  For a description of each on-line course, please view the digital learning portion of the Lake High School Course Selection Guide.
Course Teacher Phone
Algebra 1 Mr. Booth 330-877-4290
Algebra II Mr. DeLap ​330-877-4282
​Algebra II Honors ​Mr. DeLap ​330-877-4282
American Government/American Government Honors Mr. Hooper 330-877-4282
American History  (U.S. History) Mr. Hooper 330-877-4282
Art 2D Mr. Casenhiser 330-877-4282
​Biology ​Mr. Wolfe ​330-877-4282
Economics/Economics Honors Mr. Hooper ​330-877-4282
English 1/English 1 Honors Miss Boyes 330-877-4282
English II Miss Boyes 330-877-4282
English III Miss Boyes 330-877-4282
English IV Miss Boyes 330-877-4282
Fitness Lifestyle Design Mr. Wertman 330-877-4282
Geometry ​Mr. Delap ​330-877-4282
Life Management Skills  (Health -Semester 1) Mr. Pinion
Life Management Skills  (Health -Semester 2) Miss Weger ​330-877-4282
Marine Science/Marine Science Honors Mr. Laubacher 330-877-4282
​Music Appreciation Miss Shaub ​330-877-4276
​Personal Finance  Mrs. Semonin ​330-877-4282
Personal Fitness (PE) Mr. Wertman 330-877-4282
​Physical Science (9th Grade) ​Mr. Laubacher ​330-877-4282
Psychology Mr. Six 330-877-4282
Thinking and Learning Mrs. Smith 330-877-4282
World History (World Studies) Mr. Six